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Leila has been sold as a slave to comtesse Bathory, but the dark lady is very dissapointed about her new plaything, as Leila seems to be inured to pain and lust. The alchemist is asked for advice and he finds out that someone put a hex on her. Videostream + download free for members!
Romula has been found in the thick forest after she was growing up with a pride of wolves. She seems to be more an animal than a human girl, as she is not able to speak a language. Videostream + download free for members!
Ill and weakened the Countess lies in her bed and calls her physician. But she despises his bitter medicine. She asks for more, faster and effectively methods, whatever it may cost! So the physician asks the alchemist for help, who gives him a magic band... Videostream + download free for members!
Together with her best friend, the Black Countess,  the wealthy Baroness visits her abandoned house, which she wants to sell. While visiting the dark cellar dungeon they find a imprisoned servant maid, who was forgotten while moving out. Videostream + download free for members!
Soon after the furious countess fired her servant, a rare visitor shows up. The councilman asks for help regarding the education of his maid, and the countess is pleased. The maid shall entertain the high lords by pretending to be a “birdie”. Videostream + download free for members!
The harsh Countess is highly annoyed as the nun, who works as servant-maid, failes in the performance of her everyday domestic chores. Incensed of anger the Countess commands the maid of the major to her castle. Videostream + download free for members!
On her way to the market the nun meets her beautiful, long-haired cousin and invites her tot he secluded castle of her mistress. The cousin looks forward to serve the Countess some days and get an education out of this noble, strict hands. The Countess is very pleased... Videostream + download free for members!
Franziska is given into the care of the dark Countess, unsuspecting the strictly laws in her secluded property. Shoulder to shoulder with the nun, the mistress´ favorite toy, she gets the benefit of a harsh education and is introduced to the strange games of the Countess. who creates an instrument of her dark passion: a living harp.... Videostream + download free for members!
This Bathory Tale tells the story of a noble lady, who derived pleasure from the trouble and despare of an expelled nun. In the deep dungeon of the Countess´ castle the mistress indulges in her vice of dark passion and forms the nun to be the toy of her unrestrained lust. Videostream + download free for members!